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If the below list of Frequently Asked Questions does not answer your question, please contact the Support Desk on 9667 0165 or by email at contact us page

Q. How much does it cost to register?

A. There is an annual fee of $100 incl.GST per Featured business listing.

Events and Not for Profit organisations may register at no charge.

Q. How do I login if I have forgotten my username or password?

A. If you do not remember your password, click on the password reminder button on the My Account login page of and follow the prompts.

Q. How long will it take for my listing to appear on the website?

A. New listings and changes to existing listings will take approximately 1-2 business days to be published on the site.

Each listing goes through our Copy Quality Process before being published. This ensures all listing information is grammatically correct and is displaying properly.

Q. How can I find my listing when it's published?

A. There are multiple ways to find your listing:

• All listings can be found using the View All/Search on home page, by searching the business name or keywords.
• Listings can also be found using the select category tab.
Keep in mind that visitors to and come to the site via search engines such as Google. Therefore, it is important to have relevant keywords in your listing title and description.

Q. What is the difference between an article page and a product listing?

A. Articles pages are created and managed by Melbourne & Victoria tourist guide and generally contain motivational and destination information broken up into regions, categories and assorted special features.

Your product listing page is managed by you and can be linked to editorial pages according to your business category and region if appropriate to the article.
If you think your business should appear on an article page that it isn't currently on, please contact the Support Desk. You are welcome to request to be added to an article page, however this is a request only and the final decision lies with Melbourne & Victoria tourist guide.

Q. How do I register for a Not-for-Profit listing on &

A. To be eligible for the Not for Profit discount you must supply proof.

Once you're Not for Profit status has been verified you will then be able to activate your registration and create your listing.

Q. Which tourism products are eligible to list on &

A. Tourism products that list on must provide a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operate within one of the following categories:

• Places to Stay
• Places to Visit
• Things to do
• Transport
• Places to Eat
• Nightspots
• Marine & Water Based Activities


An accommodation establishment is a place offering accommodation for leisure tourists. The accommodation business must cater for the leisure-tourist. Those businesses offering properties at more than one location/physical address, must take out individual listings for each property (unless operating as an accommodation booking service).
All accommodation properties must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Apartments
• Backpackers and Hostels
• Bed and Breakfasts
• Cottages
• Caravan and Camping
• Farm Stays
• Holiday Houses
• Hotels
• Houseboats
• Motels
• Resorts
• Retreats

Places to Visit

A tourist attraction is a particular place/area of interest to a leisure tourist and:

• Is static and has a distinct boundary
• Offers a unique, distinct experience reflecting the area in which it is located
• Is open/accessible most days of the year, with regular opening/access hours
• Can be free to enter or have an admission fee

This category also includes restaurants and retail outlets where leisure-tourism forms a significant part of the business.

All attractions must be categorised into one of following categories:

• Amusement and Family Theme Parks
• Galleries, Museums and Collections
• Historical Sites and Heritage Locations
• Landmarks and Buildings
• Markets
• National Parks and Reserves
• Parks and Gardens
• Scenic Drives and walks
• Science and Technology
• Shopping
• Spas and Retreats
• Sports and Recreation Facilities
• Wineries, Vineyards and Breweries

Things to do

A tourism event is a happening that occurs in a specified timeframe (has a set start and end date). They must be relevant to the leisure tourism market and attract visitation at a local, region or state level. Business events such as conventions or trade fairs are not accepted.

All events must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Exhibitions and Shows
• Festivals and Celebrations
• Markets
• Performances
• Sporting Events

A tour company offers regular organised excursions with scheduled departures, a personal guide or host and commentary. It may vary in duration from less than a day to one day or extended touring. It may also include tourist tuition providers such as surfing schools, sailing schools, wine appreciation classes at a vineyard. Tourist tuition businesses must provide a leisure-tourism experience of significant appeal to tourists.
All tour companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Extended
• Day
• Half day or less
• Night
• Tailored

A hire company provides products or services that are hired for a specific period of time and can be used/operated by the leisure tourist. Hire operators offering products/services relating to party hire, wedding hire, catering, business hire etc are not eligible.

All hire companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Bicycles
• Boats
• Campervans and Motorhomes
• Cars
• Equipment
• Fourwheel Drives
• Houseboats
• Minibuses and Coaches
• Motorcycles


A transport company provides point to point travel / transfers for the leisure tourist.
All transport companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Air services
• Coach services
• Ferry services
• Rail services

Places to Eat

A Places to Eat company provides food services for the leisure tourist.

All Places to Eat companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Restaurant
• Cafes
• Bistros
• Pizzeria
• Steak house
• Grills


A Nightspots company provides entertainment services for the leisure tourist.

All Nightspots companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Bars
• Pubs
• Nightclubs
• Live Music venue's

Marine & Water Based activities

A Marine and Water Based Activities company provides boating services for the leisure tourist.
All Marine and Water Based Activities companies must be categorised into one of the following categories:

• Fishing Charters
• Cruises
• Yatching
• Marine & Water Based Activities Equipment Hire

Q. I'm experiencing technical problems and cannot login. What should I do?

If you experience a problem with logging into your account on melbourne & victoria tourist guide site please contact the Support Desk on 9667 0165 for further assistance.

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